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Digital Kit

Everything you need to digitise your company
At #Macrotest we have already started the process to become a Digitising Agent.

What is the Digital Kit?

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Spanish Government, which aims to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions available on the market in order to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

With the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, subsidy programmes have been proposed that will allow the massive acquisition and implementation of digitalisation solutions. The European Union will allocate more than 3 billion euros in subsidies for Spain from the European "Next Generation EU" funds managed through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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What are the requirements to apply for the Kit Digital voucher?

If you meet the following conditions, the Kit Digital programme is made for you!

  • Be a small business, micro-business or self-employed (between 1 and 49 employees).
  • Comply with the financial and effective limits established in your company's category.
  • Be registered and comply with the minimum requirements established in the call for applications.
  • Not be considered a company in crisis.
  • Be up to date with tax and Social Security obligations.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order from the European Commission for illegal or incompatible aid.
  • Not be subject to any of the prohibitions of Article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of 17 November.

Who can apply for the funding?

The digital solutions included in the Digital Kit are aimed at both small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of their sector or type. Therefore, any SME will be able to apply for the subsidy by fulfilling the requirements.

How to apply for the Digital Kit voucher?

  • Go to the Acelera pyme website and access your private area to register.
  • Take the Digital Diagnostic Test to find out the degree of digitalisation of your SME.
  • Choose the digitalisation solutions that will be included in the subsidy programme and the Digitalisation Agent that will implement them.
  • Very soon you will be able to access the procedures to apply for the Digital Kit voucher.

How much is the Digital Kit voucher?

Segment 1

Small companies with between 10 and less than 50 employees.
Maximum amount of the digital voucher: 12.000 €

Segment 2

Small companies with between 3 and less than 10 employees.
Maximum amount of the digital voucher: 6.000 €

Segment 3

Small businesses with between 0 and less than 3 employees.
Maximum amount of the digital voucher: 2.000 €

Our Digital Kit menu

Website and internet presence, E-commerce, Customer management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Process management, Advanced Internet presence, Marketplace

Digital Pack - Corporate Website

Category 1: Website and internet presence

We help you to build a website capable of keeping up with the big companies.

  • Personalized project management.
  • Own domain with registration for one year.
  • Web hosting for one year.
  • Website design (minimum of 3 pages or sections).
  • Responsive design.
  • AA accessibility.
  • Self-manageable: content management platform to modify the content of your web pages.
  • Basic internet positioning.
  • Basic SEO: Keyword analysis, SEO On-Page (2 sections), indexing and content hierarchy.

Product available for support segment 1

Price: 1.595 € – 2.095 €

Digital Kit - Ecommerce

Category 2: Ecommerce

Sell your products or offer your services through your website or social networks.

  • Personalized project management.
  • Self-manageable Ecommerce design in easycommerce®, with import of up to 100 references.
  • Configuration of payment methods and shipping logistics.
  • Responsive design.
  • AA accessibility.
  • Basic internet positioning.
  • Basic SEO: Keyword analysis, competitor analysis, SEO On-Page (2 sections), and indexing.
  • Self-manageable: content management platform to modify the content of your web pages.

Product available for all support segments

Price: 3.517 € – 5.250 €

Customer management

Category 4: Customer management

Segment 1
Price of the solution from 2.595 € to 4.000 €.
(Maximum 4 users and 40 hours of parameterisation)

Segments 2 and 3
Solution price from 1.295 € to 2.100 €.
(Maximum 2 users and 30 hours of parameterisation)

Product available for all support segments.

Customised project management for each customer and project. 

  • Customer management: Registration and analysis of customer information to discover sales or service potentials.
  • Lead management: Enabling the inclusion of leads manually or via import. Use of data to facilitate commercial management through customised business rules for lead assignment based on specific criteria.
  • Opportunity management: Automation of sending offers and quotes to potential customers and tracking the status of each opportunity.
  • Commercial actions: Creation of tasks and commercial actions, either manually or automatically.
  • Planning and reporting: The solution will facilitate the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), pipeline and more, offering different levels of detail according to the user's profile. It will include dashboards for commercial monitoring, showing efficiency ratios, phase status, pipeline and other indicators. These dashboards will provide monthly, cumulative and/or comparative data for different commercial periods.
  • Alerts: Functionality to present customer alerts in graphic formats.
  • Document management: Centralised software to manage documentation, allowing files from all areas of the company to be added and linked.
  • Responsive design: The solution will be compatible with all types of devices.
  • Integration with different platforms: APIs or web services will be available for the integration and consolidation of the SME's information and data.
  • It includes a 2-year guarantee.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Category 5: Business Intelligence and Analytics

Exploitation of company data to improve the decision-making process.

  • Data integration with other databases: the solution shall allow access to other databases and comparisons with the exposed data.
  • Data storage: the solution shall provide a storage capacity of at least 1 GB per user.
  • Creation of structured and visual data dashboards: the solution shall allow the creation of customised data dashboards with relevant data and different forms of visualisation.
  • Data export: the solution will allow the export of data to images or Excel documents, creating synergies and compatibility with different programmes commonly used by users.

Product available for all support segments.

Price from: 2.000 €.

Process management

Category 6: Process management

Product available for all aid segments.

Segment 1
Solution price from 6.195 € to 8.000 €.
(Max.60 hours of parameterisation and 15 users)

Segments 2 and 3
Price of the solution from 2.495 € to 3.000 €.
(Max.45 hours of parameterisation and 5 users)

Segments 2 and 3
Price of the solution from 695 € to 2.000 €.
(Max.45 hours of parameterisation and 2 users)

Digitalisation and optimisation of processes and workflows: the solution will facilitate the management of processes such as:

  • Accounting and Finance: Handling of accounts receivable and payable, asset management, and financial reporting and balance sheets.
  • Invoicing: Simplification of invoicing through the automatic creation of estimates, delivery notes and invoices.
  • Project management: Monitoring budgets, costs, projections and maximising the use of resources.
  • Inventory: Manage forecasts, stock levels, shipments, distributions, returns and cancellations.
  • Purchasing and Payments: Organisation of purchase orders and supplier relations.
  • Human Resources: Personnel administration, including payroll and other related aspects.
  • Logistics: Fleet control and route planning.
  • Integration with other platforms: Connection via APIs or web services to integrate with other systems.

The solution can be upgraded to new versions and is scalable to adapt to growth or changes in the structure of the company.

Regulatory Compliance: Guarantees compliance with current regulations, especially with regard to invoicing and accounting in accordance with Royal Decree 1619/2012, ensuring the integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability and unalterability of the records.

It includes a 2-year guarantee.

Advanced Internet Presence

Category 11: Advanced Internet Presence

Functionalities and/or services aimed at ensuring the Beneficiary's visibility on the web, broadening its spectrum of potential customers and increasing the flow of visitors on its platform(s).

Product available for all aid segments.

Price of the solution from 2000 €.

  • Basic SEO: Inclusion of key business data, contact information and company description on major websites, business networks or specialised directories.
  • Keyword research: Management, research and evaluation of key terms in order to create effective tactics that allow search engines to properly categorise content and make it easier for users to find relevant answers to their searches.
  • Competitive analysis: It is crucial to benchmark against competitors on a monthly basis to provide companies with a clear understanding of their relative position.
  • On-Page SEO Optimisation: A minimum of two (2) pages or sections will be optimised under SEO On-Page criteria, improving both the structure and the internal content to raise the position of the SME in the natural search engine results, optimising the indexation and organisation of the content.
  • Off-Page SEO Optimisation: This service will include external actions to strengthen the website's organic position on the web.
  • Monthly progress reports: A monthly report will be delivered on the performance of the strategies implemented to raise awareness of their impact on the online visibility of the beneficiary company.


Category 12: Marketplace

Manage the beneficiaries' products or references with the aim of increasing the brand's sales volume, making optimal use of available resources, selecting the most appropriate distribution channels and adjusting products or references to market demands.

Product available for all support segments.

Price of the solution from 2000 €.

  • Preliminary study of alternatives and registration on the platform: Creation of an account and configuration of the Beneficiary's profile on its own initiative, in at least one (1) Marketplace platform and in at least one (1) country.
  • Competitive analysis: Execution of a market analysis focused on identifying the particularities of the competitors in order to optimise decision making and obtain a competitive advantage.
  • Development of the commercial strategy: Creation of the commercial strategy focused on achieving the proposed objectives, directing the available resources to this end.
  • Product catalogue development: Review of product categories to select at least ten (10) products that align with the commercial strategy, unless the Beneficiary does not have this number of products, in which case the number may be less.
  • Drafting of the content for the listing: Establishment of at least ten (10) descriptions for the product catalogue, unless the Beneficiary does not have this number, in which case the number may be less.
  • Product registration: Incorporation of at least ten (10) products/references, together with their detailed descriptions and photographs, on the platform, unless the Beneficiary does not have this quantity, in which case the quantity may be less, including an individual description and photograph for each item.

Innovation bonus

We continue to position ourselves as an innovative company, thanks to the Galician Innovation Agency for selecting us to be part of this Bonus