What is digital transformation in agriculture?

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Surely you have heard of Big Data, Machine Learning, Industry 4.0, or Digital Transformation, terms that have emerged as a result of the technological revolution we are currently going through. A large number of people believe that digital transformation consists of implementing a management program, a CRM, an ERP or a BPM, but the reality is that it means much more than that.


Digital transformation involves the development of a process in which technologies are used to optimize the performance of the organization, increasing the scope to ensure better results. It can also be defined as the incorporation and integration of new technologies in all areas of a company in order to improve processes, increase competitiveness and provide new added value to customers. This transformation requires a structural change in organizations that gives an essential role to technology. In recent years, digital transformation has become practically a necessity, making a company’s success largely dependent on its ability to adapt to an increasingly digitized market.


In this sense, digital transformation has impacted several industries, one of the most relevant being agrobusiness. In this sector, digital transformation is a key factor to generate the necessary change to be much more efficient and productive. It is important to mention that the digital transformation process is not exclusive to large companies; any organization, regardless of its size, can carry out a digital transformation project in the agribusiness industry.


Some examples that can be mentioned in this sector are transformations that involve the use of electronic devices for the organization and control of activities in the field, business intelligence applied to the different stages of the process, systems that allow remote access to data, even controllers of consumption of various resources such as water, electricity, fuels, agro-inputs, among others.


What are its benefits?


Among the main benefits of implementing digital transformation in agriculture, we can mention that it offers new business opportunities thanks to data analysis, providing a rapid response capacity to the changing environment in which these organizations operate; it enhances and improves both internal and external communication, promoting collaborative work among members of the organization and increasing the possibilities of interaction with agricultural customers or consumers, improving their customer experience and their relationship with the brand; and it reduces costs through the optimization of organizational processes.


Macrotest has a product specially developed to optimize processes in agriculture. It is a platform for intelligent crop management, called AgroInt, which minimizes the impact of pests, diseases and weeds, through immediate and continuous access to records allowing geolocated monitoring from the cell phone; and the application time on production is very low.


Digital transformation represents a bet on the future through the generation of new working methods that take advantage of the full potential of digitization. This process of change can be carried out more easily if it is accompanied by digital experts who design a comprehensive plan and advise on the entire implementation to optimize resources and generate a competitive advantage.


In Macrotest we have the experience and knowledge of our professionals in the problems of the agribusiness industry that will allow us to identify the ideal transformation process for your company. Contact us to start walking this path towards the digital transformation of your business!


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