The benefits of R&D in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry encompasses manufacturing activities, preparation and marketing services of medicines, depending largely on R&D&I for its growth. 

This sector is constantly forced to review its business model strategies in order to maximize the income from its patents and to optimize the creation of new drugs, making investment in R&D&I essential to avoid becoming obsolete in a highly competitive market.

Thanks to the investment in innovation in this area, the creation of new drugs, the increase in life expectancy and the large number of diseases treated, significantly improving the available treatments are made possible. 

Likewise, investment in research and development in the area of pharmaceutical production not only improves the health of the population, but also, in the medium term, other aspects are detected, such as savings in health spending (by reducing hospitalizations) and the reduction of operating costs in the health sector. 

The pharmaceutical sector, based on innovation, has positioned itself at the forefront of the production model in many countries. With respect to the Spanish economy, it is one of the most important industrial sectors, being the fourth largest pharmaceutical market in the European Union in terms of sales and employment. Likewise, a large percentage of Spanish pharmaceutical production is exported to other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, among others. From an economic and social point of view, the contribution of this industry is remarkable, highlighting the good results in job creation derived from large investments in R&D&I.

In Macrotest we are convinced that the fundamental factor for the economic development of different sectors lies in the commitment to R&D&I, especially in the European market, where a great increase of this activity can be observed in recent years. That is why together with our partners we carry out multiple projects to boost their businesses and collaborate with the economic progress in different regions, both in the European and Latin American markets. 

If you are looking for a strategic ally to promote your projects through a highly qualified team in R&DI processes, do not hesitate to contact us!

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