Our 2021 in Macrotest

Our 2021

2021 has been an extremely active year for Macrotest… do you want to know why?

In these lines we tell you about some of the activities we have been involved in!

First of all, we have continued to develop products together with other partner companies, such as Dimensiona. As a result of these developments we have launched different applications, from incident tracking for companies and public administrations, to wine tastings, auctions, easycommerce for e-commerce, Dex and C-Control for the implementation of remote monitoring centers.

For the management of these new projects we have expanded our team and added great professionals, with commercial profile, business development and institutional communication. Thanks to these new additions our team continues to grow and add value day by day, adding different perspectives to a multidisciplinary team that always thinks about our clients and the development of new opportunities.

We have also been present in a large number of events related to R&D and technology, with the active participation of our R&D&I director. At the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Talentia Summit, he presented a webinar on Tools to develop an R&D project, while in his role as mentor he participated in Prendete, a contest of innovative business initiatives that seek to enhance the development and strengthening of the skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs, in addition to facilitating access to new networks and tools to increase their competitiveness.

Other networking and matchmaking events with potential clients and partners from different parts of the world have been Digital Enterprise Show, Global Innovation Summit, Women at the Forefront of the Economy, Digital America, TDD4Future, Smart City Expo World Congress, to mention just a few. This participation has allowed us to arrange a large number of meetings that have provided us with valuable contacts and opportunities to work together in the future.

In addition, we have published a variety of articles for our blog on current issues related to technology, such as digital transformation in sectors such as health or agriculture, notes on work methodologies such as scrum and project management, others on business such as e-business and R&D partners, and technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The development of these notes has sought to inform about the latest technological trends and their benefits for our current and potential clients.

Other events in which we have participated during this 2021 are those linked to financing programs for business projects of Research and Technological Development and joint actions with other countries. Among them can be mentioned “CooperAR-EU 2021”, “Horizon Europe: Opportunities of the new European Union Framework Program”, “Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Staff Exchange”, “Argentina – Spain Bilateral Call”, “Industry 4.0”, “International Business Technology Collaboration Programs”. All these events have allowed us to participate in an active innovation ecosystem not only in Spain and Europe but also in relation to other continents.

We thank all our team, our customers and partners, for being part of Macrotest in some way and for growing together during this year. We hope that next year will find us with many new projects to work together!

What is the professional role of the Project Manager?

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What is the professional role of the PM?

Surely you have heard the role of Project Manager mentioned at some point, or you might even have seen it present in companies that are not exclusively dedicated to software development. In simple words, Project Manager (usually known as PM) or “project manager” is the role that is in charge of planning and executing a project. In this way, his main responsibility is to manage the work team linked to the project in order to achieve the predetermined objectives.

What are their main competencies?

Unlike other professional profiles, the PM does not need to handle specifically technical knowledge, but must have different skills and qualities linked particularly to the management or general administration of the project. Among the most important ones, we can highlight organizational capacity, leadership and planning, as well as negotiation, communication, motivation, customer relations, problem identification and control of all the details associated with the project. Although it is not necessary to have technical knowledge, it is important that the PM has specific skills related to the digital world, such as handling the main languages, data analysis and content management. In this way, the efficient performance of this professional will make a fundamental difference in terms of project costs, meeting the deadline in deliveries, task organization, management of team members, and adaptation of the project to those external factors that must be considered.

What is the importance of PM in R&D&I projects?

R&D&I projects are usually complex and characterized by the presence of frequent changes that tend to generate some uncertainty. In this type of projects, it is required to carry out an adequate planning and management of unforeseen events that may affect the proper functioning of the project, causing that in many cases it is necessary to replan. These are the main reasons why the presence of this role in R&D&I projects is essential to achieve the objectives. In this sense, all the skills and knowledge that a PM has are important in the management of this type of projects, highlighting those related to adaptation and the ability to cope with the changes that projects may undergo while they are being executed, mainly generated by budget, scope or schedule modifications.

One of the most important assets we have in Macrotest is the ability of our PMs to face the uncertainty of R&D projects and to be able to manage each of the projects in the right way to achieve the objectives. We can accompany you in this challenge and work as a team with your company. Contact us and let’s start planning your project!