What does agile cell work consist of?

Working with agile cells


Nowadays, the development of projects through the organization in agile cells is widely spread. As its name suggests, this form of work organization seeks to resemble the behavior of a living cell, in constant change and dynamism. This model is in a way in opposition to the traditional model based on hierarchies, which no longer works successfully in a highly changing environment and with increasingly demanding end customers.

Following this living cell model, in an agile work cell each team member retains his or her autonomy but is in constant interrelation with the other members. In this sense, while each member has a very clear role, this role is complemented by the roles and tasks of the others.

This type of work cells are generally composed of a small number of interdisciplinary professionals who share certain characteristics. Among them, proactivity and creativity stand out, considering that these cells work in a self-managed manner and are free to find solutions in the process of responding to a specific need. It is also key to build good interpersonal relationships, seeking to make the work work work as a whole. Likewise, collaborative work is the essence of this type of cells, where each member contributes to the achievement of the objectives with a focus on the needs of the client, who is always in contact with the project. 

In short, it is about generating an environment of innovation and total openness, pursuing the ultimate goal that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. This way of working seeks to speed up software development times, recognizing the importance of human resources even above technologies.

When is it recommended to outsource by hiring an agile development team?

Agile cells are very useful when knowledge and experience are needed. There are different ways of working according to each project, and the cell can be managed by the client itself, by the company that provides the technology professionals or even jointly. Agile cells are also very useful when looking for an efficient end-to-end development, since they seek to minimize deviations from the initial estimate. 

Outsourcing by hiring agile cells of IT professionals, allows the client to focus on the core of their business, reducing the technical barriers of new projects, investing only in what is needed according to the different types of profiles required. 

In Macrotest we have work cells available for your projects, integrated by multidisciplinary and modular specialized teams that are integrated into the structure of your organizations to develop the technological solutions you require. If you want to know more about our agile cells service, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with all the necessary information. At your disposal you will find all our experience, highly qualified resources, the highest quality standards and our framework that has been evolving for years. All this expertise is at the service of our clients, seeking to optimize their business processes and ensure quality and efficiency in each of the projects entrusted to us.

In the next article we will tell you about a particular type of agile cell, which are the mentored cells. We look forward to sharing this next note with you!


Why Outsourcing Services?

Outsourcing is the name given in practice to the outsourcing of responsibilities in the IT sector, such as hiring teams for the development of projects or the execution of specific tasks.

The hiring of this type of services allows companies to focus on the business without having to consume human and financial resources in areas that are not strategic to their core business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Services 

The idea of outsourcing gives the company the freedom to dedicate itself exclusively to its core business, hiring specialized companies to perform tasks that are necessary for the development of the company – but that are not part of the business. This brings multiple benefits:

  1. Increased performance and productivity by avoiding unnecessary distractions. The work is done automatically through the contracting of services managed by a company specialized in the area. In this way, task completion times are reduced, executing the work faster and with higher quality.
  2. Savings in human and financial resources. This also leads to cost savings, since outsourcing saves the costs associated with infrastructure, hiring workers, etc.
  3. Focus on activities that are strategic and decisive for the business. They will stop investing their resources in areas that are not decisive for the business activity.
  4. Better margins. By saving costs, financial risks are reduced. By saving on human resources, labor risks are reduced. And so on and so forth. The company will not need to make large investments in technological infrastructure, so it will be able to allocate it to other new projects.
  5. Higher quality. External suppliers will have the specific knowledge for the activity to be developed, ensuring quality results.
  6. Transformation of fixed cost into variable cost. This means that technological investments are reduced by hiring experts, obtaining a more detailed cost forecast.
  7. Greater business flexibility. Companies will be much better prepared to face market changes, since they can hire services when they need them.
  8. Guaranteed access to the latest technological advances. Suppliers have the latest technology, so the company can take advantage of it without having to make a large investment. These suppliers are the perfect bridge between the company and technological innovation.
  9. Increased competitiveness. Companies improve their strategic position in the market and position themselves ahead of the competition.

At Macrotest we have a strategically managed team of professionals with extensive experience, which will avoid taking unnecessary risks or making large investments in both infrastructure and staffing. With numerous successful projects already in the market, the work synergy achieved with our clients can be seen in the way we meet the objectives we set together in each task performed.

If you want to carry out a project and you are looking for a partner to make it grow, through its development capacity, do not hesitate to contact us!

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