How to manage a project successfully?

The crisis generated by COVID-19 has accelerated the digital revolution in all business sectors. The irruption of information technology in all aspects of our lives has changed the paradigm of business management.

This new stage will have many challenges for companies and this will involve embarking on new projects. For this, work teams will need solid foundations to achieve the objectives they set themselves, which implies methodical and organized work plans. 

What to take into account when organizing a project? 

  1. Determine the scope: first of all, define the desired and result and what is needed to achieve it. For example, if you want to increase the amount of sales by a certain percentage (the final result), the actions to be implemented will be sales promotions, marketing and commercial strategies, content that attracts customers, etc.  
  2. Create a project outline: once the scope has been established, it is time to visually project it to the team. This can be done through a document available to everyone, showing an overview and the status of the project, where the progress of the project will be added. 
  3. Planning: each action or step of the project should be detailed here, along with its tentative completion dates, making it more understandable for the entire team.
  4. Assigning roles: when assigning roles and responsibilities, not only create a list of collaborators for each objective, but also take into account how to distribute resources in order to be efficient and obtain optimal results. 
  5. Review the project with the team: finally, it is important that everyone works together in the project management, determining if all tasks were assigned correctly and with the necessary time according to the collaborator. 

It is true that the management of a project is not simple, it is necessary to consider the time variable as well as to adjust to the assigned budget and the expected quality. Even in many cases, in the initial stages of a project, it is detected that in order to be carried out under the expected standards, the company must make large investments in infrastructure or personnel, causing the project to be abandoned due to lack of resources.

In these cases the solution is given by the outsourcing of services. In Macrotest, we have partners and a synergistic team with extensive experience in management and implementation of IT projects, both in the Latin American and European market.

If you are starting or accelerating your project and want to join our line of partners, do not hesitate to contact us!