The continuous changes in the market require the presence of a team specialized in I+D+i that carries out intense research and knowledge management work. In this sense, Macrotest’s objective is to guarantee the provision of services and innovative solutions of the highest quality and reliability. 

Success cases: Macrotest has generated, together with different partners, innovative products:

  • cdti-feder
    C-Guard/C-Control: Integrated solution to implement a Remote Monitoring Center with ease – Eureka Certificate obtained in 2021.

  • YAX: solution with RFID technology, based on Blockchain, which provides the opportunity to manage assets, products and inventories, from the beginning of the supply chain, to the final result in the sale process – Eureka Certificate obtained in 2019.

  • Rehabictus: platform for patients who suffered a stroke, which accompanies rehabilitation from home. The solution has an APP, a web platform and bracelets that monitor movement. Eureka certificate obtained in 2017.

  • EasyCommerce: omnichannel e-commerce software platform developed based on more than 20 years of experience in different countries and in conjunction with different business partners.

  • AgroInt: platform for intelligent crop management, minimizes the impact of pests, diseases and weeds. Access all monitoring and records, geolocated from the cell phone.

  • Seguimiento de incidencias: application aimed at managing incidents that occur in the different areas of a company or organization.