Why invest in R&D?

Why invest in R&D?

Whenever you think about how to make a company grow, the formula appears:
invest in R+D

Research and development (R&D) is the process of exploring scientific and technical knowledge, with the aim of developing technologies that generate new products, services, materials or processes. To achieve these objectives, it becomes essential to incorporate a high degree of innovation in the R&D activities. Its main objective that is pursued with the investment in R&D, is to generate innovations that improve competitiveness; increasing the quality of products and services; optimizing processes; and contributing to the company’s profits. Therefore, the added value generated by investment in R&D is essential mainly in small and medium enterprises.

What are the benefits of investing in R&D?

  • Increased global competitive advantage
  • Growth in the added value of the offer and cost reduction
  • Process improvement and identification of new business lines
  • Sustainable and balanced economic growth, contributing to the know-how as the company’s capital
  • Access to tax and credit benefits

Definitely, investment in R&D is a fundamental factor for growth in competitive markets, understanding the need to rethink the structure and resources of the company.

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