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Improve the innovation ecosystem in your company with these 5 ideas (Part 1)

Improve the innovation ecosystem in your company with these 5 ideas (Part 1)
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Improve the innovation ecosystem in your company

When we talk about how to improve a company’s innovative production, the most obvious solution is to increase the budget. Whether in training for workers, in new technicians or in a strategic plan. But these expenses are not enough in themselves, or above all these expenses will not be as efficient without the agitated internal organization and structure.

Today we want to bring you 5 simple tips that you can introduce in your company to promote a culture of innovation. In this first part, we will talk about the structures of work teams, their internal dynamics and how we can improve our innovation ecosystem

1. Encourage People to Use Their Vacations

This idea may be obvious but with the demand for day-to-day work relegated to the background. A company’s most important asset is its workers and their accumulated knowledge. When employees are tired and burned out, they are not as productive or creative. Encouraging them to take vacations will help them de-stress, so they return to work with a clear mind that is able to think more creatively.

2. Reward Experimental Behavior

If you want innovative employees, then help encourage and reward experimental behavior. If the worker takes the initiative and tries something new that ends up benefiting the company, you can make an announcement and give them compensation (eg a gift card). The worker is the one who has more direct contact with the real needs of the day to day, and is able to analyze and imagine the most efficient methods of making their work more productive and comfortable. Showing your appreciation will motivate your entire team to do the same so you get the results you’re looking for.

3. Allow for Questions

The best way to encourage innovation at work is to encourage discussions and allow people to ask questions. It is essential to create a “no stupid questions” rule so that people dare to ask questions. When you encourage open conversations, you’ll create an environment that supports innovation.

4. Make diverse hires

Imagine a group of 10 people who come from a similar background and share the same basic assumptions. Now, think of a group of 10 diverse people with different backgrounds and experiences. Which group has the greatest capacity for innovation?

When you make diversity a priority in your company, you automatically increase the potential for innovation. After all, your business isn’t just trying to reach customers who are like you, your goal is to maximize your market and reach all parts of society. How can you do that if everyone you hire looks and thinks like you?

5. Adopt a non-hierarchical management approach

When it comes to fostering innovation in the workplace, a strict hierarchy can be a real problem. If your staff only think about innovation when they are specifically tasked to do so, you will never be able to reach your company’s full potential. The most innovative companies have a horizontal but strong management approach that allows employees to break down barriers between work areas. A lot of innovation comes from cross-pollination between teams and divisions, and the sharing of ideas and problems. This type of practice to make better business decisions is no longer seen as unique to companies specializing in R+D+i, but increasingly SMEs are interested, which by fostering a culture of innovation make it possible to make the most of the knowledge accumulated in the company.

At Macrotest we use these ideas to improve day by day in our organization. In our R+D+i projects division, we seek to help companies develop their innovation projects with organizational improvements, search for financing and sharing our “know-how” thanks to our experience.

In the next entry we will discuss how to improve the innovation strategy in your company and make the most of the opportunities in your innovative context.

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